Friday, February 15, 2008

Every Day Life

It has been one of those weeks. I am sure all you mom's out there can relate. Between, school, sports, PTA, Daisy's and every day stuff, it has been quite hectic. Tonight our PTA is putting on a Family Fun Night. Of course I have volunteered to help out. I picked up Sarah from school today, brought the kids to Mc Donald's for lunch, they were complete animals!, went back to the school to set up for tonight, the kids were absolutely insane, got back home just as our replacement doors were being delivered, put ALL the kids down for a nap and need to head back to school as soon as they are all up to finish setting up and then be ready at the admissions table at 5:30pm. This was all after getting Sarah up and on the bus by 7:45am, feeding and dressing Nate & Ethan, working out for an hour, showering and amusing the boys until we had to leave 11:00am to pick up Sarah because she had a half day at school. It seems that every day has been this way recently. Are the days getting shorter or are there just that many things to do.

Well now that I have vented, I thought I'd get down to business. We are two weeks in to the Sale-A-Bration promotion and I am very excited that so many of you are taking advantage of all the FREE sets you can earn. So far I have gotten So Many Scallops and the Rub-Ons. I am loving the rub-ons!! I actually did them on an egg for a Demonstration and it came out great. It is much neater than using crayons to decorate your eggs. Just dye your eggs as usual and rub on a design. SOOOOOO simple and even more cute!!! I also did an entire card with rub-ons. It looked really cool. I will take a picture and see if I can download it on the site for you to see! I am very excited about them!! I am still a rookie at this blog thing, so please bear with me.

I think that is it for now. It is all quiet and I am hoping to maybe get a 15 minute power nap after I got take the picture of the card and egg.

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