Friday, October 17, 2008


Below are the Club Schedules.

Card Club - 2
$35.00/-month - Orders due the date of the scheduled class or before.

Please pick your month so that I can update this chart. Card Club 2 runs from November to April

Michelle - November

Jennifer - December

Norma - January

Judy - February

Beth - March

Brenda - April

Card Club - 1

$35.00/Month Orders Due on the schedule date of the class or before.

Gwen - October
Marianne - November
Cathy - December
Kim - January
Vicky - February
Vanessa - March

Novembers Card Club Class is Scheduled for November 10th. An Evite will go out for you to reserve your spot.

$25 Club
Orders Due on or before the 15th of each month

Gwen - October
Frances - November
Jenn - December
Laurel - January
Amy - February
Vanessa - March

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